5 Tips on How to Clean Your Car from the Inside Out

Most of us are more concerned with the outer appearance of our cars than the inside. There is no doubt that we value a spotless shine on our paint rather than a dust-free dashboard. Let’s face it—it’s much easier to drive your car through an automatic car wash than to take the time to clean the interior of your vehicle. With these simple tips, you can keep you can keep both the outside and inside of your car as clean as a whistle.

1) Clean the glass of your car or truck—this task is easy and fast. You can use any household glass cleaner with a microfiber cloth for your windows and windshield. In order to prevent dripping the cleaner onto your vehicle’s surface, spray directly on the cloth rather than trying to aim at the glass itself.

2) Clean carpet —this can require more specialized attention. Over the years, your carpet undergoes much abuse, either from water, dirt, drinks, snow, road salt, etc. This results in stains and discoloration. The first step is to vacuum any loose dirt, small rocks and other debris. You can do this from the units found in gas stations or carwashes. If your carpets haven’t been cleaned in a long time, it may be best to seek professional services. Their specialized equipment can tackle the tough stains and ground-in dirt that has accumulated over the years.

3) Clean fabric or leather seats—if you have fabric seats, you can use a spray-on cleaner and a bristle brush, or seek professional services to clean and dry the seats for you. Leather seats need more care. Never use harsh chemical soaps and detergents on leather seats as it can take away its natural oils that keep it supple, soft and prevent it from cracking. It is also important to remember to never use a brush or scrub too hard when working on leather seats—a gentle cloth is the way to go. If you aren’t sure or have any questions on cleaning your leather seats, it is a good idea to stop by your local dealer and get their opinion.

4) Take care of the vinyl and plastic components of your interior—when choosing a product that will best clean vinyl and plastic, be sure to choose one that is silicone-free. While silicone will make your dash look shiny after it has been applied, it can actually react with vinyl and speed up its decomposition in the sun.

5) Choosing a dealer for detailed cleaning—take advantage of your dealer’s knowledge on these products and ask them which products are best suited for the interior surfaces of your car. If you aren’t interested in detailing your vehicle’s interior yourself, you can always take your car to a dealer. Be sure to check their website and see if they are offering any current service specials.

Failing to keep your interior clean over the years can result in tough stains and dirt that you may not be able to clean yourself. Tustin Automotive Group in Orange County, California can provide you with professional interior detailing services for low prices.