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Guide On How to Cope As a Dual Caregiver
If you are taking care of your parents and children then you are a member of the sandwich generation which is estimated to be at least 47% of adults. The sandwich phenomenon is affecting a large population, and people get to leave a stressful lifestyle, and it can be challenging. Dorothy Miller created the term sandwich generation and their different signs that help you know if you are part of the growing demographic.

Sandwich generation caregivers are usually 40-50 years old have a small child and are financially responsible for the elderly parent and an older child. People in this generation have full-time jobs and take care of their family, but female caregivers have more roles than men. People in this generations are more likely to be affected by the situation since they are under a lot of pressure.

People become club sandwich caregivers when they are extending help to grandparents for grandchildren. People known as sandwich generation caregivers have a difficult time fulfilling their roles at work since they have to take care of family commitments. The sandwich generation caregiver is usually tired and stressed out because of the work and family pressure, but companies are addressing the situation by giving them benefits.

More companies are offering stress relief at work, workshops for financial planning and health incentives so the sandwich generation caregiver can take care of the health and family without feeling stressed out. Sandwich generation caregivers can take advantage of the benefits provided by their company by reviewing the employee benefits booklet or talking to the human resource manager to get assistance. The sandwich generation caregivers are encouraged to visit a therapist regularly so they can learn healthy coping skills since research has shown they have high stress levels.

Depression and stress is something most people do not talk about, but when you open up to your family then you’ll have a stronger support system since carrying everything on your own is difficult. Sandwich generation caregivers can rely on local support groups so they can get time to care for their mental state and interact with people in similar situations. You need to master the art of communicating with your elderly parents as well as children since the elderly parent can face different health problems like cognitive disorders, Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The dual caregiver will be giving out money to the kids without proper knowledge of how they are using it which affect the children in the long run. You have to prioritize yourself as a dual caregiver and take works or meditate to clear your mind and plan your future.